More jokes at McFadden’s expense.

Today: +1
Days Rated: 128
Average Day: 2.10

Today we cleaned weapons. This meant I spent a lot of time tormenting McFadden and his pals from third squad. You may remember my old joke, when I asked McFadden if there were more teeth or women in Idaho. I am frequently asked to tell this joke again. The scary thing is that is the entire joke, so you get something like this:

Donica: Hey, Coach, tell the joke about whether there are more teeth or women in Idaho.
Coach: Ok. Hey, McFadden, are there more teeth or women in Idaho?
Everyone: HAHAHA!
Fennerty: Shut up and clean your weapon!
McFadden: (mumbles under his breath about badgers or city slickers or something)

However, I consider anytime someone asks me to tell a joke or a story again a success. It means I’ve successfully entertained someone, and am not merely an annoyance.

Today, someone, I think Dufour, responded to the Idaho joke by asking “Do wooden teeth count?”. This prompted a long thoughtful silence and caused several heated discussions to break out. I needed to clear this matter up by making a ruling.

Coach: All right. If the wooden teeth are an actual set that looks like teeth, they count. However, if the person has like the back of a scrub brush in their mouth with a grid drawn on it with marker, to look like teeth, then it doesn’t count. Not even if they have a hole drilled in the middle so they can smoke a corncob pipe or spit chaw through it.
Everyone: HAHAHA! (putting real or imaginary scrub brushes in their mouths and pointing at McFadden)
Fennerty: Shut up and clean your weapon!


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