Taking the medical class…again

Today: +2
Days Rated: 127
Average Day: 2.11

I took the second day of the medical class today. It went much better the second time around and I was actually glad that I took it again, so I got a chance to master some important skills. The IV went well, and during the simulated combat stress test, rather than drop bandages and medical supplies all over the floor while I was getting sprayed in the face with water and beat on the head, I was able to treat three casualties by myself in record time. This entitled me to go sit in the bleachers and watch those less fortunate than myself. When it was Plaza’s turn, we did the wave. We clapped and gave him loud useless sports-fan like advice. “Give him the tourniquet, Plaza. Tourniquet, tourniquet, tourniquet! (stomping on bleachers)” Apparently the “casualty” did have a wound that required a tourniquet. This meant loud cheers when we saw Plaza start applying the tourniquet. It also meant boos and catcalls when he began dragging the casualty behind cover…by pulling him by his wounded arm.


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