You know what sucks?

Today: -1
Days Rated: 126
Average Day: 2.11

Donica’s car breaking down when he drove it to his Humvee class. It now sits, refusing to start, in the parking lot about half a mile away from the barracks.

Having to take the medical class that I took 3 weeks ago over again because they ran out of certificates of completion last time. Since there was no proof we’d been there, they sent 8 of us back. Guess what? They don’t have certificates this time either.

Talking to a 16 year old girl who looks like a model and badly wants to meet up with me. Not only is this of dubious legality, I have a girlfriend now, so I can’t get down with that. Maybe a threesome is in the cards. If you have a threesome and the combined age of the two girls is less than yours, do you get bonus points? I’m going straight to hell.


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