The blog is part of my official military business.

Above: Coach, shortly before he was conscripted into the US Army.

Today: +1
Days Rated: 120
Average Day: 2.07

Today was a historic day for Coach’s Blog. Fennerty was trying to determine when members of the squad had last jumped. You have to jump every three months to continue receiving jump pay.

He was receiving highly inaccurate information. Members of the squad who like to jump insisted that they hadn’t jumped since airborne school and needed to be loaded immediately into a plane, then thrown out. Other personnel who are frightened of the dangers of being loaded up with heavy gear, packed in an airplane with dangerous psychos, then strewn across an icy drop zone, remembered vividly that they’d jumped just last week.

I offered to check my blog to determine when myself and various members of the squad had jumped last. Corporal Fennerty agreed with this proposal and I went to my room to examine this ridiculous web page…on ARMY time.

After we got released, I went to Radio Shack and purchased a pre-paid cell phone.


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