Coach Juice

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I invented my own drink.

Coach Juice (c)

1 part gin (Bombay Sapphire is the preferred brand – it tastes like urinal water, compared to Tanqueray which tastes like furniture polish)
1 part Rockstar ™
1 capful of lime juice
pour over ice and stir gently

Coach Juice will sweep the country soon. It’s only a matter of time, despite what the critics say.

Brittnie said that it is vain to name a drink after myself, but I told her that if I call it something like Rockstar gin, no-one will remember that I was the one who invented it.

Miller first said that it tasted like crap, then when I refined the mixture, he said that I had done nothing original and it was like a gin and tonic. He’s a classic hater and a pessimist. Vodka and Red Bull, ho hum. Gin and Rockstar – it’s Coach-rific!

I told Nicely that the appeal of the drink was that you never knew whether the gin taste would hit you in the first gulp or burn you in the aftertaste. He said that neither one is good.

All great inventions meet with resistance.

“Coach Juice – It’ll wake you the f*ck up.” (c) Coach 2006


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