Today: +7
Days Rated: 118
Average Day: 2.09

Amanda and I set up a date to go see a movie. I figured at least I would have a vehicle of some sort, and the donut on the car would probably last. However, I did not totally trust it, plus it looked crappy and made the car lean to one side. Therefore, I was elated to find out that Sears was a. open on Sunday b. on the way to Amanda’s house c. could mount the tire in like 10 minutes d. Only charged eight dollars.

I picked Amanda up at her dad’s house. She told me that she lived at 29 “Elm Street”. When I got to Elm Street, I realized that the street numbers went from about 2850 to the 3000s. Clearly she had said 2900-something, but what? I drove up and down the block slowly a couple of times, then I cursed the fact that I had no cell phone, so I drove a few miles back to a gas station with a pay phone. I hate how pay phones are so rare these days. I need to get a cell phone.

On a good note, she looked really hot when I finally picked her up. She was wearing this pink shirt and you could see her shoulder, and it was a nice, thin shoulder, not a fat blubbery one, or one that looked like she’d been throwing the shotput. Anyways, we went to the movies and saw “V for Vendetta” which both of us liked. Afterwards, we went to Applebys and ate. She was really shy and nice. I did my classic trick where I showed her my Army ID when I had my wallet out, then was like “Hey let me see yours…” playing it off smooth, cause Coach is real smooth, but I wanted to make sure she wasn’t actually 15 or something.

After I brought her home, I stopped at Barnes and Nobles. I’d been wanting to get something new to read for a long time. It’s so empowering to “have” a car. I bought seven books, Confederacy of Dunces, the first book in the Dune series, The Princess Bride, a Tim O’Brien book I hadn’t read yet (about the Vietnam War, of course), a collection of William Kennedy’s writing set in Albany, and two others.


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