Fundamental truths about tires.

Today: +1
Days Rated: 117
Average Day: 2.05

So I met this girl online. Her name is Amanda, but she is in high school and doesn’t have a vehicle. So in order for us to hang out, I’ll need to obtain one somehow. I talked to Donica about borrowing his ride. He barely looked up from World of Warcraft and told me that someone else had borrowed it. Whoever they were had gotten a flat tire and the car was abandoned by Tiede’s apartment. We worked out a deal where I’d put a new tire on it and be eligible to borrow the vehicle. He paid so little attention to this discussion that I think I could have suggested that I enter a demolition derby with the car, or use it to transport illegal immigrants and he wouldn’t have minded. That’s what I love about the narcotic properties of World of Warcraft. 1. Players don’t pay attention to what you’re telling them. 2. They never use their car, preferring to transport themselves by goblin zeppelin or whatever.

So I persuaded Miller to drive me out to this car so that I could put a new tire on it. He took me first to inspect the vehicle. Whoever had gotten the flat tire, rather than spend the 50 bucks to put a new tire on had instead spent probably twice that much on the largest tank of air I’ve ever seen, which was sitting in the passenger seat. My powers of deduction revealed that the tire was probably only had a little leak in it at first, then had been driven around until it was now a useless shredded piece of rubber, half frozen to the curb. Miller and I went to the tire store and purchased a tire. They asked if I wanted it put on, but I told them I could do it myself. Then Miller dropped me back off at the car and went home.

It was at this point that I made an important realization. Yes, I’ve changed many a tire in my day, but this means jacking the car up and putting the spare on. Spares come with a rim/wheel inside. Not new tires! I realized that I would need a chainsaw to take the old tire off of the rim, and probably a crowbar to put the new one on. My mental powers deduced that this was something best left to professionals in garages. I felt like an idiot for not putting the spare on and just driving to the tire store in the first place. So I put the spare tire on the car, threw the tire in the trunk and drove away. It was now 6 PM, and all tire places were closed. Now I’d have to go back tomorrow, probably to the place where I bought the tire, where they would shake their heads at my stupidity. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier. No one ever accused me of being a “car guy”.


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