Fridays with Miller

Today: +2
Days Rated: 110
Average Day: 2.22

I slept away 80% of today, recovering from staying up til 9 am on CQ and drinking about 4 Rockstars. When I woke up, Miller and I went to dinner with some of his buddies in another unit. I was starving. We went out to Friday’s, and I managed to pay 44 dollars for dinner and 2 beers, but the food didn’t even fill me up. I was so hungry I made a fool of myself because the guy next to me ordered pretty much the same thing, but before we got there. When he got his food first, I thought it was mine and all but snatched it out of his hands. Then he took forever to eat and I thought he was done, so I asked him if he was going to finish that. I hate Friday’s.

Afterward, we dropped two of Miller’s friends off at a strip club. We went to get gas, and then turned around and headed to Last Frontier. On the way, we passed the strip club, and saw a police car out front. We later found out that one of Miller’s friends had managed to get in trouble in the short time we took to get gas. He later eluded police custody by giving them a fake ID and insisting that this person was him. They had no proof that the ID was fake as the bouncer insisted, and eventually let him go. Lucky. His buddy wanted to go back to the strip club. Wisely, they didn’t.


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