CQ with SGT U

Today: +5
Days Rated: 109
Average Day: 2.22

Today I had CQ. During the day, White was there with me, and then after duty hours, SGT Uptegrove took over. I had a feeling that SGT U would not bring any diversions to keep him busy and then demand that I entertain him, hopefully not with pushups or watching me clean the barracks. I was pretty much correct. He did bring his computer. “Coach, find someone with wireless internet, NOW.” This wasn’t suitable. “Coach, find better internet!” He did order Chinese food for both of us and paid. That was pretty cool. He’s not a bad guy even though some people think he’s evil.

Later, however, the computer game grew old. “Coach, what games do you have for that GameCube?” …”Gamecube is gay”. “Coach, let’s play a two-player game.” I played deathmatch Medal of Honor: European Assault with him for about an hour. He pretty much crushed me even though it’s my game. I won 1 series out of 4, and I think he let me. Then I set him up on the one-player version. He quickly tired of this. “Coach, who are you chatting with online?” “Does she weigh 300 lbs?” “Bullsh1t, let me see a picture of her.”

This whole time Cruz and Nicely were in trouble and on some kind of punishment where they had to check in to the CQ every hour (Cruz at the top of the hour, Nicely at the half-hour – they couldn’t come at the same time because they were in trouble for fighting each other). I felt sort of bad for them as the night wore on and they looked more and more weary. They had to keep this up all weekend.

Finally SGT Uptegrove fell asleep on the couch and I played the video games I wanted the rest of the night. I also read most of “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Excellent book. All in all, it was a pretty good night of CQ.


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