Miller moves into my room…I think

Today: +2
Days Rated: 103
Average Day: 2.47

There are some sergeants who had to move out of the barracks because it is getting full. SGT Linck, my roommate is one of these. Yesterday, he vacated the room, leaving behind such things as a stack of shot glasses he used once and never cleaned, a pair of shorts and a mysterious remote control, but taking such items as my soap. He was a good roommate though, regardless.

Miller is my new roommate. He’s 31 and an ex-corporal like myself. He likes to read a lot which is good, but usually it’s stuff like the Wall Street Journal and military history. He also has such critical possessions as a couch, a dvd player that works and a coffeemaker that doesn’t have fungus growing in it. He decided to move in around 830 in the morning. I barely remember opening the door for him, giving him the key, and wondering if I should help him. My head hurt and I was tired, so I decided against it, laid back down, and pulled the poncho liner over my head. I felt sort of guilty, but as usual didn’t let that stop me. I think the ever-helpful Dimiceli lended a hand to get the couch pushed in here. He only lived across the hall. The next hour and a half were spent in a weird half asleep state where I had several bizarre dreams that may or may not have actually happened in real life.

1. Miller and I decided to put 100 mph tape across the diagonal of the room, dividing it in two. Since the bathroom is in my half and the door in his, this meant we came up with a tentative arrangement that I’d let him use the bathroom if he let me exit and enter the room whenever I wanted.

2. Miller’s brother from Pittsburgh was visiting and wondering why I didn’t help his brother move in.

3. Ackley and Cahoy’s voices were clearly audible from two rooms down through the windows. Any time I’d say anything, they’d loudly tell me that I was full of sh*t and to shut up.

I don’t think any of these things happened, but I can’t be 100% sure.


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