Doing Nothing While Other People Work

Today: +4
Days Rated: 98
Average Day: 2.44

There are three great things about having the day off when other people have to work.
1. Waking up to the company getting called to attention before PT, then rolling over and going back to sleep.
2. Strolling through the barracks during the duty day wearing a flamboyant outfit that screams “Look at me! I am unshaven and wearing whatever I like, while you are in a starched pair of BDUs” I prefer a yellow sweatshirt with a pair of pt shorts, a balaclava and two different flip-flops.
3. Being in your room and hearing the cannon go off at 5 PM the end of the duty day. Bonus if you are doing something totally non-military like having sex in any position other than missionary. Double bonus if you’re drinking a beer and when the cannon goes off it scares you and you spill, snort or spray beer out of your mouth.

Last night I stayed up too late, but I made sure to get up early around 10ish so that I could stroll through the barracks and see who had to work. Suckers. I’m glad I’m a totally non-essential personnel who is never needed after normal duty hours.


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