When it’s cold

Today: +3
Days Rated: 94
Average Day: 2.47

Today we had another mission to do, but this time we didn’t have much to do with it besides guarding some road for hours. It was cold today, the coldest it’s been since we got to Fairbanks, plus we’ll be standing around, so they told us to bring the full complement of cold weather apparel. This means polypropelene long underwear, fleece top and bottom, goretex jacket and pants, moon boots, balaclava, and mittens. It was only 0 degrees, and in Alaska, that’s moderate. But then we marched out to this road, and the snow was about waist deep in parts. So we got kind of sweaty, then laid down in the snow in the prone and quickly started to freeze. We shivered there for about an hour, until SSG Lugo decided to go into the wooden tower that was in front of us. This was not what we were supposed to do, but considering he probably saved a dozen lives by doing this, I have no problem with it. Everyone huddled at the bottom of the tower, probably spooning to stay warm, and SSG Lugo, SGT Uptegrove and I climbed to the top and moped about the plexiglass shielded enclosure. There was at least no wind. We stayed in this tower for like 4 hours. Later I heard that other squads were doing things like running in place to keep warm.

Later in the day we did some other mission. We are going home from Fairbanks soon and I was hoping to add to my kill count. So we enter Cactus City once again, and I see some guy with a gun. I raise my weapon to shoot him and get yelled at by SSG Nolan. Apparently he’s one of the friendlies because we’re on some kind of peacekeeping patrol or something. Later, I see some “woman” with something apparently concealed beneath her robes.
Coach: Can I shoot her? She’s hiding something!
Fennerty: No!

Five minutes later –
Coach: Can I shoot that guy? He’s on his cell phone. He could be calling in our position.
Fennerty: No! This is a friendly town! Stop asking if you can shoot everybody.
Coach: Sigh.

Ten minutes later we’re in some building and we see a guy fire shots and then dive out a window and try to run away.
Fennerty: Shoot him!

A few minutes later we’re downstairs with SGT Uptegrove, SSG Nolan and Doc Amos, as well as some officers including Captain K. The shot guy is being frantically treated by Doc, who’s covering him with bandages, IVs, adrenaline shots in the heart, the shocking paddles and leeches. I suggest an iodine shot in his toe, but this suggestion is ignored.

SGT Uptegrove: What happened to this guy?
Capt. K: He’s one of the townspeople. Somebody shot him.
Coach: I shot him sir!
Some Lieutenant: Why did you shoot him?
Coach: He jumped out a window and he was running around all crazy, sir.
Lieutenant: Because he jumped out a window?
Coach: CPL Fennerty told me to shoot.
Hurt guy: Yeah, I shot like four people. I’m a bad guy.
SSG Nolan: Are you dead yet?
Hurt guy: Yeah. I’m cold, can I go to the warm room now?
SSG Nolan: Yeah, man. Amos, unbandage his ass.


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