War Day Two

Today: +4
Days Rated: 92
Average Day: 2.40

Today we continued our war in “Cactus City”. It was still fun but less excitement for old Coach. I only had one kill today. One funny incident sticks in my mind. We occupied a schoolhouse that terrorists had holed up in, only to find an angry mob pounding on the door and trying to break it down. We yelled and pointed guns, which didn’t disperse the crowd. I fired a warning shot (or 15) from my SAW and that made them scurry away. Except for the ringleader, McCullough, who was being resistant and insisted on kicking the door. Between SGT Uptegrove, CPL Fennerty and I, we came up with a plan. This plan was reminiscent of how we would deal with unruly gang members outside the door at our fraternity parties in New York. Bring the individual inside, where he can be isolated, roughed up, hogtied, and thrown out the back door at a later time. We usually didn’t hogtie people at fraternity parties, but in retrospect, we should have.
McCullough was banging on the door with a stick when we exited nonchalantly. Apparently the major occupations of inhabitants of this city are rioting, smashing things with sticks and throwing trash around the street. McCullough stopped hitting the door and turned to us for some pleasant conversation in Arabic-Gibberish, but we grabbed him and dragged him inside. He fought vigorously, but the more he fought the more force we had to use. I may have kneed him in the balls several times. He’s a big guy, probably like 6′, 220. While inside I resumed pulling security while Fennerty and Sgt Uptegrove searched him and tied him up. Meanwhile, McCullough became a giant baby and screamed, cried, cursed, whimpered, spit, thrashed about and generally made a giant nuisance of himself. Eventually SSG Goodart and Captain K had to come downstairs to see who was screaming at the top of their lungs. Later in the day, he swore revenge on our platoon when we were opfor tomorrow. I told him Fennerty was the one who kneed him in the nuts.

Later in the day we had a cool mission made possible by the opfor who decided to stack every available piece of furniture from floor to ceiling in the hallways of the town hall, turn out the lights (it was dark out), set off smoke grenades inside, and become bulletproof. We cannot wait for tomorrow when we get to play bulletproof Iraqis and fortify buildings to an extent that you would need a bulldozer, tanks, multiple airstrikes, and most of the Army Corps of Engineers to even enter.

Enemy Killed: 1
Total Enemy Killed: 14
Times Died: 1 (not my fault, I’m not saying who’s fault it is, but I was taking cover behind a car, and someone told me to take cover behind the other side – on the side where the bullets were being fired from)


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