I am Rambo

Today: +3
Days Rated: 90
Average Day: 2.33

Today we went to the range and got to shoot the machine gun from cool guy positions like standing up from the shoulder and tucked under our arm like Rambo. This was really cool. Picture standing on a patch of ice, firing rounds from the hip in 5 round bursts, walking the rounds out towards the targets. Picture me sliding around while I do this and people laughing at me. Picture me scoring higher on this range than any of those who mocked. It was sweet. I practically shot better with the gun tucked under my arm, blazing away, than I did firing measured, controlled bursts from the prone position with the gun balanced on a tripod.

Tonight I borrowed Donica’s phone and called Brittnie. We had a little conversation for 15 minutes or so but I got a weird vibe from talking to her. I wrote her a letter but I haven’t been able to send it yet because I can’t find a mailbox anywhere near the area where I’m allowed to go. I mentioned a few times that I missed her but she never said it back. Am I gay for worrying about this, or keeping track, or even saying it? As pimp as I am, I never understand women at all.


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