Super Bowl Party

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Today was Superbowl Sunday. Even though I watched about 30 total minutes of NFL football all year, like every other heterosexual male in the country I naturally wanted to watch the Super Bowl. Past Super Bowls have been notorious disasters. In 2000, my car ran out of gas on the way back from Kori’s and I missed the first half. This is actually a pretty amusing story that I don’t feel like telling now, but you’ll hear it soon enough. In 2004, I got locked out of my brother’s apartment and missed the third quarter, the only quarter where anything happened. Last year wasn’t too bad. I was at Student Company at Fort Bragg and we watched it in some kid’s room. His dad lived nearby and came and watched it with us.

Friday, SSG Nolan came into where we were cleaning weapons and asked which of the single guys wanted to go to a Super Bowl party at the VFW in Wasilla. They had prizes, food and drink. Naturally everyone wanted to go. The company had 10 seats available on the bus. He told me to call the number on the sheet and start reserving seats. I did, and of course SPC Coach was at the top of the list, but then all of a sudden the 2nd Platoon Sgt comes up and starts hollering at me. Apparently 10 seats for the company does not mean they should all come from 1st Platoon. So we got 3 seats, and again SPC Coach was at the top of the list. On Sunday I had SGT Harris drive me to the chow hall where the bus awaited.

Instead of taking the bus, I saw that Bisson was driving, so I got in the car with him and Schultz. The party was a pretty good time. There were only about 15 guys from the brigade there. Drinks were cheap/free, all you could eat for 10 bucks, plus a take home plate and tons of prizes you could win with little tickets. Some of the prizes guys won were really cool, like a shot gun or a rifle. Unfortunately the only prize I won was a mesh hat. Also I got a t-shirt that no-one wanted, and I traded it for a bracelet, which I knew would be cheesy but I figured I could give it to Brittnie. The t-shirt was super ugly or I could have given her that. Then I saw the bracelet up close and it said “Army Wife” on it. Oh well.


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