A fine day…stretches, yawns, smokes.

Today: +13
Days Rated: 74
Average Day: 2.69

So in the morning we cleaned weapons and gear and such, then in the afternoon we had a memorial service in the chapel for a guy who died from drinking too much. If I ever died, I would want my memorial service to get everybody out of some road march or other hard work. That way I would be remembered fondly even by my enemies. A friend of my brother and I died his first week of college from drinking too much. That was sad. It is such a waste of a young life because it’s so preventable.

On the way over they made us march in a formation. They tried to keep us all in step, but we kept slipping on the icy road. Finally, all attempts at this ended when I totally went flying, spun around and landed like two rows back on my hands and knees facing the wrong direction. Everybody had to veer around me and this made a huge clusterf*ck, and the sergeant gave up and stopped with the Left, left, left, bs.

The memorial service was sad, even though some of the officials who spoke used it as a platform for their 3 year battalion training program or whatever. A lot of people called the guy a hard worker or a good soldier. I wonder when I kick the bucket will they lie and say that about me? Hopefully they will tell the truth and be like, “This guy would do anything to get out of work. But he loved his machine gun like a brother.”

When 1SG Cooper did the final roll call, it made chills go up my spine. That’s where they call out 2 or 3 names and guys in the pews say “Here first sergeant” when they are called. Then they call the dead guy’s name 3 times, and of course, he doesn’t answer. Spooky.

That night we went to Al’s. Sergeant Harris was there with me and Miller too. Harris has been talking to Brittnie and Amanda both online and made pals with both of them, not realizing the tension that exists between the three of us. So he had his arms around the two girls and insisted we all do a shot together. Do you know how weird this is? This is like drinking with your wife and ex-wife and some guy is like hey, let me introduce you all. It actually wasn’t so bad, like no-one got stabbed.


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