above: This should be animated. It’s not. Sorry. Still funny, though.

Today: +1
Days Rated: 64
Average Day: 3.00

Today I actually just went to a medical class, which was fairly uneventful. The reason yesterday got a 5 was because Brittnie and I went to see a movie. The highlight was seeing Brittnie, not the movie, which was downright appalling. When she picked me up, she had a lifesized undead clown sitting in the front seat of her truck. The clown was spooky and it sat between us, acting like an evil undead clown chaperone.
Ok, don’t go see the movie Hostel. Especially don’t go see it on a first date. From then on the relationship will be defined by the fact that you took a girl to see a 90 minute film consisting exclusively of scenes of grotesque torture. No matter who’s idea it was to see it (Brittnie’s). I’m a tough guy, I like to think. I like violent movies. I’m a master interrogator in the US Army, or I will be as soon as I finish my correspondence courses. But do I want to spend 9 bucks and an hour and a half of my life watching a. Someone get their Achilles tendon cut with a chainsaw? b. Someone drilling through a kid’s kneecaps? c. Someone snipping someone’s face with an industrial-strength pair of shears? d. A girl putting on her eye makeup with a blowtorch? The only good part of the movie was that you rooted hard for the good guys, not so much that you cared about them or the paper-thin plot, just that you wanted them to escape so you didn’t have to watch anymore torture scenes, which take up 4/5 of the movie. One funny thing about it was that I used to have a Halloween costume that made me look like the girl with her face melted off. They apparently used a similar special effect.

Brittnie described it like this: “the. worst. movie. ever. WORST. EVAH.”

There are probably worst ones I’ve seen, but this is the only one that left me with PTSD. Afterwards, we went to Denny’s.


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