Back to Reality

Today: -3
Days Rated: 57
Average Day: 3.07

So it’s back to work. Sigh. In the morning, Fennerty had us run up the hill at least 3 times. It was hard. That’s all good though. I’m thinking about employing him when I leave the army to come to my house and PT me at 630 in the morning. I’m sure I will continue lifting weights, but man, I hate running.
During the day we had instruction of what we’re supposed to do while we were in the field. Listening and behaving are tiring. I think I may have ADD. I also need more sleep.
Then I learned I have to jump tomorrow. Crap. I hate jumping…I haven’t done it since May and I’ve forgotten enough about it to make myself dangerous to myself and everyone around me. I also dread how they always want us to walk back. Screw walking! I hate walking in the rubber winter boots. I hate officers who think that they want to toughen us up, and I hate tall mother f’ers who take big steps and go too fast.

Later I find out we’re not walking back. This is like having someone tell me that my whole family is blown up, then being like, no sorry, it was just your goldfish. I mean I’m sad about the goldfish, but SWEET. I don’t mind jumping so much if I don’t have to walk.

In the other good news department, my ATM card finally came, so I can pay back the money I owe my friends and not be beholden to them for drinks and such. I can also get a haircut. I have a giant Afro and sergeants chase me around all day trying to get me to cut it to military standards. That’s when I launch into the long explanation of why I can’t get it cut because I have no money. As soon as I get the ATM card, I proceed to shave my head myself. Suckers.


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