Working out

above: Kaylynn, my favorite porn star. She used to do like amateur Girls Gone Wild type porn. And now she does like gangbang scenes. What a raunchy little slut. I’d put a link to her website, but it will just take your money and not give you a password. Uh, that’s what I heard anyway.

Today: +3
Days Rated: 56
Average Day: Pi

So I’ve been working out a lot lately really hitting the weights in an attempt to get bulked up again (see picture below of my role model). There’s this girl who works at the gym who’s sort of cute, except she dyes her hair too often. She’s like skinny and 18 and she has to pick up everybody’s weights. She bitches about this sometimes. Once I helped her pick up a couple of 45s someone left out. Well there’s this big meathead in the gym who does nothing but curls and has arms as big as his legs. Now he comes in and like throws his weights on the floor, and he’s like, “Yo babe, pick dese up, I wanna see you bend over.” and she giggles and is like “So I get off work at 7, what are we doing tonight?” and he’s like “My knob. You’re polishing it.” Okay, that last comment was not real, but you get the idea. So I watched this ninny working out, and he gets up to 135 x 5 on the barbell curl. I can do about 100 x 5. So the way I figure if I can get up to 140 x 5, my arms will be bigger than his, and she’ll be polishing my knob and racking my weights. So I just gotta add like 5 pounds a week and in eight weeks I’ll be like “yo, rack this 45 pound plate on my rock-hard wang, toots”


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