above: Stanley “Tookie” Williams when he was thugged-out, before he started writing children’s books. I personally think he was cooler when he was shotgunning people and doing arm workouts than when he became an anti-gang advocate. I wish I could start a cool gang like the Crips. Bonus question: What was the name of the other Crips founder?

Today: +2
Days Rated: 55
Average Day: 3.15

Today I did nothing. That’s good. And by nothing I mean I wrote stuff and played around with my webpage and such. That’s relaxin! As a point of content, I’ve noticed that lately my friends and I get drunk and use the following speech pattern quite a bit. […and by xxx, I mean XXX!]
For example: You’re a lovely woman, and by lovely, I mean you got great tits!
Or: I’m drinking sensibly tonight, and by sensibly I mean I’m f*cking hammered!


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