Beetle Bailey

Today: +2
Days Rated: 49
Average Day: 2.90

My camera broke, so there’s not going to be any new pictures, well not a lot of pictures, until I get it fixed. I have a Canon SD500 and they have a lot of E18 errors apparently, where the lens gets stuck extended. What garbage that this happened so soon after I got it. I need to get on the ball and get this taken care of. I went to the range today. I like the range, and like firing machine guns, so this overrules my general principles of not liking to go outside or do work of any sort. However, we have to walk back. Since I don’t end up firing my weapon, this has the feeling of having your mom drop you off at the mall and drive away, only to realize that the mall’s closed. It’s only like 3.5 miles, and we fortunately don’t have rucks. I decide to walk in front, because that way I can set a sensible pace and not have to jog down the icy road to try to keep up with some long-legged ninny in front of me. The whole way back we’re passed by LMTVs, vans, buses, and civilian vehicles full of people whose companies love them. On a mostly unrelated note, I used to read the cartoon Beetle Bailey before I joined the army, and I never totally got it. How could anybody fall asleep on a mop or a shovel? Why is Beetle always trying to hide out and sleep? Why does Sarge beat Beetle so? Why is Lt. Fuzz such a nimble-head? Why do Sarge and Beetle always drive the jeep off the road and f8ck it up? To truly understand why these characters act the way they do, you really have to join the army. I wish that Beetle Bailey would get an update. They still dress like they are stuck in the 1950s. And who can be in the army for 50 years and never deploy anywhere to fight? I hope that someday someone under the age of 80 takes over this strip, or it runs the risk of ending up like Family Circus and Hi and Lois -> mindrot.


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