I behave shamefully

above, SGT Harris with General Lee car, Miller drinking a senior citizen beverage, Brittnie and Coach, pre-drunken maniac status.

Today: -7
Days Rated: 47
Average Day: 2.91

Still do not have my ATM card and continue to have to borrow money in order to do anything at all. This afternoon I was treated to sounds of the horn of the General Lee car that you see SGT Harris playing with above. He drove his new possession all up and down the hall, attacking your feet if you came too close. Me, him and Miller, went out later in the evening. Harris was the designated driver. This was unusual and would later play a part in the misery of the evening. We went to this bar called Al’s where I ran into this girl Amanda who I talk to. She payed me no mind and I think left early. More excitingly I randomly met this other girl, Brittnie, who I talked to months ago on a nameless online dating site. We began to talk and drink and seemed to be hitting it off well. Then I bring you the stream-of-consciousness description of my actions, similar to my New Year’s Eve post. Being bought numerous shots by “friends” namely Harris, Miller, Lopez and Blanton. Not being immediately successful in my seduction techniques. The Hell’s Angels arriving. Me disappearing upstairs for over an hour, where I conducted myself in a shameful fashion, picture and video evidence show. Returning downstairs and trying to convince Brittnie to return to the Army barracks in a less than convincing fashion. “We don’t have to have sex, we could I dunno, just dry hump? With our clothes on? I’ll kick my roommate out!” Me hitting on some nasty broad right in front of her. Her being consoled by a sober Harris who is acting in a strangely mature and classy manner. Miller and I wanting to leave but being unable because Harris is busy talking to Brittnie. Finally being driven home and sobering up enough to realize the error of my ways, I renounce alcohol and women and swear never to visit another bar. Later talking to Brittnie online and finding that while I wasn’t that big of an @sshole, she thinks that my friend “Matt” is classy and mature, and that I’m the devil incarnate. This is so ironic. I try to dissuade her of these notions by sending her a movie of him playing with his General Lee car.


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