Flu Shots

above (top to bottom): Duckwitz is up, they see him, he’s down!

Today: +4
Days rated: 46
Average Day: 3.13

Today we went running and we all got yelled at by Fennerty. Nicely complained as usual. Lessard went slowly as usual, and Fennerty berated him with curses and demeaning words as usual. I was irritated because a. we had to run at this slow pace=taking forever and b. the pace was because of Lessard, but not his fault and c. Fennerty cursed him out like it was his fault and I was right behind him and having to listen to this for like an hour. Finally Fennerty got fed up and made us walk for like a quarter mile while he yelled at us. This was fine with me as I was getting a little tired and could always use a break. I was sure I was going to get smoked when I got back for making smart ass comments, but fortunately he forgot about the whole thing. Today we got flu shots. At first the flu shots were voluntary, and only Dimiceli (of course) wanted one. Then they became mandatory, probably because they had like 500 doses and only one hypochondriac PFC to inject. So we filed over and got stabbed in the arm. I have three theories about the “flu” shot. a. They’re conducting nefarious experiments on us, in which case I shouldn’t have gotten one. b. They know that the bird flu is coming and wanted us to be safe so we can protect our citizens and take over the rest of the world, in which case I’m glad I got one. c. They had like a billion flu shots they planned to give us in October and we didn’t get them until now because of Army bureaucracy. This is the most likely scenario and I guess it doesn’t matter whether I get one or not. One sign your weightlifting program is going well… Medic: Stop flexing your shoulder. Me: I’m not flexing it. Medic: Damn! I lifted weights in the afternoon. I then felt strangely tired afterwards and decided not to go out. I don’t know whether this was because of the shot or just because I haven’t been sleeping enough at nights. I woke up after a nap and it was too late to go out everyone had already left. So I hung out with Duckwitz and Brandon. It was a good time regardless, and I have more pictures.


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