High School Buddy Sighting

Today: +5
Days rated: 39
Average Day: 2.81

Friday is powerlifting practice night. Above: Dyke, my old boss, about to squat with the chains on the bar. Unfortunately, this was my last practice before I had to go back to the Army and its merely adequate gyms. It was good to be back. There were two lifters that I think I met before, but they weren’t on the team last time I was home. Greg and Jeff, who are father and son. They are pretty strong though already. This evening I went to the Madison Grille…again. I heard a voice saying “PLDC…E5…” and other army talk. Naturally, I’m drawn to it and see a guy I went to high school with, Brian T. He’s in the National Guard, and he got back from Iraq one year ago. He was with his buddy’s wedding reception and a few of the guys came there with him. We talked for a long while. We were pretty good friends in junior high, but we hung out with different crowds in high school.


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