Hanging out with Sarah

above: sarah dressed like a vampire ok, here are the official ratings for the next couple of days, as annotated in the Coach re-enlistment spreadsheet. For those of you who track this at home on a spreadsheet of your own, you may notice a trend upwards on the weeks during which I’m on leave. Some might erroneously assume that this means I love New York, and hate Alaska and the army. The fact is, if you’re getting paid a full salary, and live at home with your parents, go out drinking every night, stay up super late playing video games, sleep past noon, eat dinner with your loved ones, go to the gym and lift massive weights, then repeat, you’d rate your days pretty highly as well. Before I joined the army, if I tried to live life like this (I think I tried when I was about 18) my parents would have bounced me out of the house on my ear. However, now they seem happy to have me around.

Wednesday, December 28 (out with Flynn): +8
Thursday, December 29 (below): +3
Current rating: 2.82

On Thursday, I went with Sarah to see King Kong. I had to lift, and she had to do something, probably feed her horse, so we couldn’t go until very late. The computer said there was a 1030 showing. It was a rainy night. I arrived first (we are both late people in contrast to my brother, her ex-boyfriend), because I felt guilty about being late last time. The doors were locked. The computer was mistaken. There was no 1030 showing. A few other people also came and were similarly disappointed. Apparently, the mistake was in the paper too. Instead we went to the coffee house next door and I had a americano (i think this means espresso and water together, which = coffee) She had bottled water and we talked about different stuff. She’s going to LA to take an acting class, which I think is really cool. Her brother is an actor or something out there. I think that’s what he does. He was on Law and Order once, well I can’t remember if he was a camera guy or if had a small part. Either way, it’s cool. She left, and being wired and bored, I went back to the Madison Grille where Flynn and I were last night. Apparently the reason I could not find the other bar, the Palais Royale, was because it had closed down this past summer. Then I met these two girls who had the same thing happen, looking for the Palais Royale, but wound up in the Madison Grille. I gave them a ride home because I feel bad about people paying 40 bucks for a cab ride anywhere, because I want to reward people who don’t drink and drive, and most importantly because they were hot.


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