Flynn and Alex

Dec 23 and Dec 27 +3, +3 (i suppose since I didn’t have to work)
Days Rated: 37, 38
Total Rating: 104
Average Day: 2.74 (+0.02)

Last year Flynn, his brother Alex and I went out to various bars in Albany. Alex is a computer programmer in Buffalo. Flynn is in the process of getting his PhD in Math at Berkeley. I never grow tired of telling the story that even though I was pretty good in math (I took Calc III, differential equations, and probability for electrical engineering), when he showed me one of his books it looked like a bunch of squiggles to me. He specializes in Set Theory. All I know about that is you can put numbers in a set, like this {1, 2, 3 …} would be the set of all positive integers. Why you would want to do this I don’t know. You’d have to ask Flynn. We have been friends forever, and I have a million funny stories that I could reminisce about Flynn. But I will just tell one which is the one that made him famous. I know he will not be pleased, but come on, it’s not embarassing anymore, it’s cool. Flynn was I think a sophomore and I was a junior. I liked to go over to his house a lot because his parents would leave us the hell alone. One time I was there watching MTV Spring Break, and Flynn was playing Llamatron on the computer. He said something about how he had the president’s real email address, not the one that they put out everywhere. Keep in mind that this is like 12 years ago, when hardly anyone knew how to email besides nerdy teenage boys and college professors. I vaguely remembered him sending something, but I don’t remember because I was mesmerized by Daisy Fuentes. On Monday, the principal, escorted by two Secret Service agents (yes they were wearing sunglasses and suits), pulled Flynn out of English class. He’d sent an email to Clinton that went something along these lines: Dear Mr. President, I’m going to kill you. Just kidding. How many secret service agents did you just mobilize because of that? I’m a 15 year old high school student, and I was wondering if you could send me some cool presidential stuff. My address is: Flynn H… (and he put his house address here) Clearly not the most alarming letter, but they took it very seriously, interrogated him for a few hours, called his parents and confiscated his computer. They returned it after three months, HD wiped clean. I wonder what they thought about files like “The Anarchist Cookbook” being in a directory named C:\Pete> Long reaching consequences was he was grounded (like solitary confinement grounding) for a month. He got a message to me to call up this girl he was seeing who he’d met on a BBS and went to another school, and tell her what happened. In the process I managed to ask her out and we dated for a few months. I still feel a little guilty about worming his girl, but he claims not to mind. She wasn’t all that anyhow. He became like a local infamous celebrity for a little while and got mentioned in TIME magazine, like one sentence in an article about all the neat things you can do on the internet. He’s probably on some lifetime watch list in case the President is ever scheduled to visit near him. Mostly now, no-one mentions it anymore, except me, but I still think it was kind of cool. Exciting for a tenth-grader anyhow. Well I still didn’t get around to talking about our exploits at the bars either year, but that’s for another day.


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