Dinner with Andy

Today: +8
Days Rated: 36
Total: 98
Average Day: 2.72 (+0.15)

After I got back from the gym today, I went out to dinner with my brother Andy. It was his treat, for part of the Christmas presents he gave me. He symbolized this by wrapping a glass jar full of onion trash and putting it under the tree. He always does something weird like this. I used to also, until I turned about 13 or so. See, because I’m lazy, if you’re getting a CD from me, under the tree you will find a present that looks like a five year old used an entire roll of scotch tape and four times the required amount of wrapping paper. This present will be in the shape of a CD, and if that ruins the surprise, don’t play with your presents until Christmas morning. Plus, you’re just going to tear the paper off anyway, and then you’ll know it’s a CD. It’s still a surprise, because you didn’t know WHAT CD it was. My brother and I gave each other a CD for birthdays and Christmas for about 11 consecutive years. This is similar in spirit to how North Korea trades with South Korea. One gives rice, and one gives money, and the peace is kept. If for some reason North Korea gave the South 23 million dollars, expecting rice, and South Korea gave them a pair of socks, let’s just say troops would be crossing the border. But Andy likes to disguise his presents. One of the more notable ones was the time my Christmas CD came in a box that would hold a television set. Inside were smaller boxes, some wrapped, some not, some sealed in layers of duct tape, styrofoam packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and cute little notes. After 10 minutes of this, I still had a shoebox sized box in front of me, and no end in sight. I told him I’d open the rest in the afternoon, and I think he called me a crybaby and opened it for me. I think I punched him too, thereby ruining yet another Christmas. One time he gave his girlfriend Sarah a stuffed animal, and concealed it between two frisbees, so that she couldn’t tell what it was. We went to Lone Star Steakhouse. It was a good meal and the waitresses were hot. We had the chicken quesadilla for an appetizer, then salad and bread. Then I had a steak and lobster tail special, and he had the steak, chicken and shrimp combo. I ordered the brownie bowl for dessert because I saw it on someone else’s table and it looked huge. Andy helped me eat it. Afterwards, I went out drinking with Flynn, one of my high school pals, who is still notorious from the time he threatened the president via email. Since I didn’t do a blog entry yesterday, because I can’t remember what happened, I’ll tell more about this situation in my next entry, and about what we did, and also LAST YEAR’s festivities. Above is a picture of Ed Brown, who took over part of my job. I wanted to get a picture of him actually writing the programs, because he sort of looked like Santa Claus making a “naughty-or-nice” list, but it would have been kind of creepy for me to just sneak up on him and the flash to go off.


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