Christmas Day

Today: +10
Days rated: 34
Total score: 87
Average rating: 2.56 (+0.23)

Today I woke up because my brother arrived at the house. We opened presents under the tree. I got a digital camera with movie making capabilities, which could mean huge things for this blog and my webpage. It is a Canon SD500. Then we went to my grandparents’ house, where Aunt Sally, Uncle Frank, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Royce were all there. I also got Final Fantasy IV for Gameboy, Four Swords Adventure for Game Cube and the movies Heartbreak Ridge and Carlito’s Way. I bought presents for everybody in my immediate family for their birthdays and for Christmas, because I wasn’t home. They did the same for me. I got my brother 4 DVD movies, Orange County, DUNE the miniseries, The Waterboy and The Butterfly Effect. I got my mom a bag of Lindt chocolates, a 4 CD mix of oldies to play in her car, a little book with pictures of cats in it for the coffee table and a dozen Yankee Candles. I got my dad a set of 30 lb dumbbells, a stability ball and a chinup bar. I also got my parents a cheap DVD player. They don’t have many dvds, but when they do have them they have to watch them on the computer. After we returned home from Bleecker, I went to Andy’s house with him and we watched Orange County.


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