Today: +4
Days rated: 32
Total score: 73
Average rating: 2.28 (+0.05)

Went to the gym today. Downloaded a new game, called Alien Shooter, which is a lot like the dream I had where I was traveling in the lab with my squad of soldiers and scientists. Damn it, you know what, I could have had 3 links in the last 2 sentences. I’m so lazy though. Tell you what, I’m going to go through this blog in the next week and add as many pictures and links as I possibly can. Anyway I saw Narnia with Sarah this evening. It was a really good movie. I would have paid nine bucks for two hours of just the fight scenes though. I mean how cool is leopard vs. dwarf, or tiger vs. rhino, or any of the other sweet matchups in the movie. The White Witch was evil, just like when Cate Blanchett flips out in the Lord of the Rings. Narnia was better than Lord of the Rings because it didn’t deviate as much from the book as the last LOTR did, which became a travesty.


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