Cutting Edge

Today: +2
Days rated: 31
Total score: 69
Average day: 2.23 (-0.01)

Went to the gym. Went shopping. While I was at the gym, an amusing thing happened. Dyke was going to work out and do some squats. He was glad I was coming so I could spot him, and I was happy to be of help. I always get a kick out of how on Friday (powerlifting practice) nights, he’s so focused, but when he tries to fit a lift in towards the end of actual business, he’s besieged more than usual by little kids who need help, parents who have a question and general nonsense. His final set was going to be 433 x 2, but he said he might do as many as 5. I spotted him and the first 2 reps went great. I was sure he was going to get quite a few more. All of a sudden something hits me in the face, I feel the bar resting on my elbows for like a millisecond, then it goes crashing into the monolift “benches” on either side of the rack. I see Dyke staggering forward and fall over. Basically what happened was the bar rolled off Dyke’s back. I guess I curled 433 pounds for 0.01 seconds, fortunately no longer, or I would have ripped my biceps off the bone. What hit me in the face was his back and it gave me a bloody nose. He was not hurt, fortunately, but could only count it as 2 reps. Of course this had to happen not on a Friday night, but in front of women and children, who are like: “This guy is going to kill my kids someday when he has them do this craziness.”


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