Let My People Go!

Thursday, Dec 15: +3
Days Rated: 25
Total Ranking: 45
Average Day: 1.80 (+0.05)

Today wasn’t so bad, but it was excessively stupid. In the morning, they wanted us to clean our rooms, but mine was already clean. So I played on the computer and generally frivoled away my time. Then at 11:30 we had a company safety briefing. No, you’re not reading a previous day’s blog entry by mistake. We had ANOTHER company safety brief. The highlights of this one were: not going AWOL, not smoking dope or snorting coke, and not getting a DWI. I know, I know, the smart people won’t do those things no matter what and the dumb ones will do them anyway, but that’s how it goes. Needless to say, I was falling asleep. Then at 1:00 PM, guess what. Another safety brief! This one run by the battalion, over at the gym. So we marched over there and filed into the bleachers. It took forever. They said the same things, since shockingly, the sergeant major is also against drugs. Then they promoted a bunch of people and gave out medals. Like I really care about all this nonsense. I just want to go the f___ home. I don’t want to watch a video on snowmobiling. I promise I will not go snowmobiling. Then the major came out and told us all how great we were. Thanks. Then they told us our training schedule in detail for the next 6 months. That’s great, but like send me a memo or something instead. I gotta plane to catch. Finally this trivial crap was over and they let us back to the barracks. So then we had to get our leave forms. Of course this involved us lining up alphabetically and just standing around for hours. Me and Logan invented this game by the bumper pool table where we would just roll a ball at the hole and try to be the first one to score 11 points. It’s quite a good game and will surely sweep the country but did I really want to play/watch it for 2 hours? Then we filled out the leave forms, so now we are officially released? Ha, ha, they’re like relatives who never want to let go of a smelly fat hug. We have a formation at 1630. Oh yeah, that’s right, so we can stand there and wait one at a time to get our leave forms handed to us. F*** you! I went to my room and immediately started playing Warcraft. Then a knock came. “Come in!” I yell, but unfortunately it’s SGT Linck’s platoon sergeant. He is irate that SGT Linck’s side of the room looks like it’s just been burglarized, then set on fire. I reassure him that SGT Linck, who’s in the shower, must have just been doing laundry which is why it is a slight bit untidy. He promises to come by tomorrow to inspect the room. I spend the night drinking beer with Tiede and the CQ guys, Battaglia and Tucker (no they didn’t drink, they’re on CQ), and watching my favorite movie, True Romance.


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