The Usual

Wed, Dec 14: +7
Days Rated: 24
Total Rating: 42
Average Day: 1.75 (+0.23)

Got zonked for PT today. In the morning we cleaned weapons. They are really clean by now, but you don’t argue when they tell you to do it. You just clean them more until the time comes to turn them in. Then after lunch we cleaned our rooms. This is great. There’s nothing like the government paying you to clean your room. I got it pretty spiffy, except for SGT Linck’s side which looks like a TA-50 bomb went off on it. He’s not leaving for break though, so he can do whatever he wants. While I was cleaning, SPC Lessard came in and gave me my monthly counseling statement, which I expected to be terrible because of all the disagreements we have had, and arguing with CPL Fennerty. However, it was pretty good. I will strive to be a better team player next month. I definitely appreciate him not writing that I was a total ass clown or something, so I will try my hardest to be cooperative in the future. Then I went to the gym and lifted upper body. Every exercise I do is going great except for bench, I’m still stuck around a max of 300 or so, which is well under what I used to do. Still a good day.


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