The Field (Part I)

Day 0 (Tuesday Nov 29): -3
Days Counted: 9
Total Rating: 20
Average Day: 2.22 (-0.66)

Today we rucked out to the wrong site. It was only 2 miles though, and then we went another half mile to where we were supposed to be. The tents were already set up, we just had to get the stove running and shovel out an area for our bags to go. We have these warming tents with a little diesel stove inside. You sleep inside, but leave your rucksacks and duffel bags outside. Fennerty and Lessard were on my nerves all day long. At least we got about 11 hours of sleep this night.

Day 1 (Wednesday Nov 30): -10
Days Counted: 10
Total Rating: 10
Average Day: 1.00 (-1.22)

Did training all day long. And I mean all day, from like 9 AM to 9 PM we were were walking around and it was like -10 degrees. Slogging along through stupid snow. I saw a porcupine one time on a security halt. It was in my sector of fire, about 4 feet from me. It was kind of snuffling around in a little ball. I couldn’t tell which end was which. We had an LMTV but we’d drive about a mile, then walk 2 miles to each objective. We didn’t stop for lunch or dinner. At the end we got in the LMTV to head back and they were like sorry, get out, you’re going to have to walk back the four miles. Oh yeah, and Cahoy’s dead. We tried fireman’s carry, but that is exhausting. So someone had the idea of making a sled out of a poncho and 550 cord. That worked relatively well. About a quarter mile out we had to firemans carry Plaza the rest of the way. I was so tired, wet and cold when we got back.

Day 2 (Thursday, Dec 1): 2
Days Counted: 11
Total Rating: 12
Average Day: 1.09 (+0.09)

Had to get up at 0400 to change campsites. But at least the new place has heated buildings for chow, and heated bathrooms if you know where to find them. Part of the day I get to stay back and guard the warm tent. — Day 3 (Friday, Dec 2): -12 Days Counted: 12 Total Rating: 0 Average Day: 0 (-1.09) It snowed 8 inches today. In between standing around a burn barrel, we had to keep the snow off of our rucksacks. Nothing is more annoying or exhausting than trudging through knee deep snow, and trying to assault the enemy.

Day 4 (Saturday, Dec 3): 2
Days Counted: 13
Total Rating: 2
Average Day: 0.15 (+0.15)

Support day. Got up early but was left alone all day. Very cold -15 degrees, and saw the other chumps company coming in. They didn’t get to take a truck to their lane, they had to walk 9 miles, wearing all kinds of extra gear. I guess I should be thankful for some stuff. At one point there was confusion over where we were supposed to be, so we took down a tent, then set it back up again. Still about all I did today besides sit in the warm tent was serve chow and guard the chow tent. More to follow.


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