Back from the Field

Just got back from the FTX. Just like the previous post said it would…it sucked.

Number of days in the field: 10
Number of days temperature dropped below 0 degrees: 6
Number of days temperature rose above freezing: 2
Number of times I slipped and fell on my ass on the ice: 1
Number of times I just slipped but didn’t fall: 164
Number of times I wished I picked a different MOS: 16
Number of times Corporal Fennerty and I got into a shouting argument: 3
Number of times the dinner was a variation of some form of slop: 10
Number of opfor I personally wasted with my SAW: 3
Number of whom were notorious one-eyed AlQueda members: 1

The next post will be a day by day description of our time in the field, complete with numerical rankings.


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