Dread of the Field

Sunday: 2, Monday: -4
Days counted: 8
Total rating: 23
Average day: 2.88 (-1.29)

Sunday, just another relaxing day. Not much happened. Watched DUNE, the miniseries. I loved it. It’s like a more savage Star Wars, and I can’t wait to read the book, and see the second miniseries. Today was pretty gay. Stayed up too late, and then me and Sgt. Linck’s alarms didn’t go off, so I got woken up after everybody was already outside. I made it outside, but I probably wouldn’t have been noticed if I just hid in my room. Of course, it’s Monday, so that means platoon 1 hour run. It’s 0 degrees, blowing snow and dark out. You couldn’t see crap, and your eyelashes would frost together. It was kind of cool, for about the first 5 minutes, then I got tired of it. Then we had to do a rucksack inspection, and I was missing things. I wasn’t very squared away today, so some of my miseries were brought on by my own incompetence. Once I went to the PX to get what I wanted, packing the ruck, the duffel, and squaring away my LCE should have taken like 2 hours tops. But instead because they kept making us bring stuff back and forth up and down stairs it took all damn day and I still had to work for an hour after we got off to fix everything. Of course, Fennerty was on my nerves all day and so was Lessard and Hunter, the team leaders, but I don’t blame them. Hopefully I will not piss them off when we’re in the field. I don’t mind being shady, but I don’t want to be seen as incompetent, and it’s hard to complain about being treated like a 3 year old when you act like one. On the subject of the field, we’re going for 10 days, and it’s going to be about the same temperature, cold as hell. I just don’t want to go, but there is really no option in the matter, and training is good. I wish we could fight wars in moderate climates like the Eastern United States, instead of mountainous arctic wastelands or parched deserts. My dread compounds the badness of today. My next entry won’t be until December 9, at the earliest.


2 thoughts on “Dread of the Field

  1. Welp I finished up november. Some good stuff in there, I laughed a few times, but overall I’ll be happy when you’re out of the army. What month and year will that be exactly? Also, did you do crossfit in earnest?

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