Safely Returned

Today: 4
Days counted: 6
Total rating: 25
Average day: 4.17 (-0.03)

Haha, I was at the warrior zone, where there’s computers to use, pool to play and video games and such, plus TVs to watch. We helped build the Warrior Zone. One day my squad got punished because all of the guys had scuffed boots and had to go do a detail where we had to carry in pool tables and wire up speakers and such. As Dufour later said, “that was the only time I ever saw you mad.” I just didn’t want to have to do hard work because of other peoples mistakes. It turned out to be ok though, because they had work crews to move the heavy stuff, we just had to help, and hold doors and stuff. Then we made the work stretch into the afternoon so that we didn’t have to go to some ceremony. One gay thing today was that I had my laptop, and was planning to either play some Warcraft III, or write the end to my zombie story, when they told me that we couldn’t use personal computers there, because of the network upstairs. I guess people were trying to access it without permission. I plan on talking to the manager on monday. I didn’t even want to use the internet. But then one of the computers had Warcraft III on it, so it was all good. Then I saw the new guy, Keller. He told me that it was safe to return, that the first sergeant came by, found the barracks clean, and left. I felt a twinge of guilt at not being one of the people who spent the morning mopping, got over it, and returned to my lair.


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