Today (Friday): 8
Days counted: 5
Total rating: 21
Average day: 4.20 (+0.95)

In case you haven’t figured out the system yet, if it’s a good day it’s a positive number. So a day that is a 1 is good, just obviously not as good as a 10, or a 150. The system is set up to be impartial to the Army, because the way I figure it, there will be some days that are super good or super bad and outweigh a lot of gay or boringly ok days. Anyway, I’m writing this post from a secret lair somewhere on post where I’m hidden. I went out with Miller last night, and he popped smoke early to go skiing. When I left the barracks around 10 AM, there was people already starting to clean, so I felt guilty, but I had to go before someone important came and made me clean. I had a getaway bag already packed, and I hit the side door already jogging, murmuring something about “gotta go take my test”, which hopefully will let them know that I: a) Have somewhere important and educational to go and b) that it’s the library [where I’m not]. Or I could be in trouble if someone decides to read this, much like the villain tying up the main character loosely, and being like “Hahaha, now let me tell you my secret plans before I kill you slowly in a complicated manner” Or like publishing a book entitled, “My Great Escape from Prison” while you’re still scraping the wall in your cell with a teaspoon. If anyone is reading this to determine my whereabouts, rest assured that I did not make ANY of the mess in the barracks, and you’ll never take me alive anyway.


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