sham (v) Avoiding work at all costs, without others, esp. your superiors figuring out what you are up to. shamurai (n) 1. One who is an expert in the art of shamming. 2. A ninja, skilled in the dark art of disappearing into barracks rooms. Man, the last few days have been beautiful, but the beauty is soon to end. Nooney and I spent the last two days helping SSG Nolan do a presentation on the M240B that he has to give at the machine gun course. This entails about 2 hours of typing/taking pictures/making copies per day. We don’t do the type of training that the rest of the company is doing. Instead, every morning we draw the guns, wear BDUs, eat hot chow 3 times a day, then return the guns around lunchtime. I almost feel guilty watching everybody else load onto the buses, carrying their 55 lb rucksacks, LCEs, Kevlar helmets, dressed in ECWS (thermal underwear and goretex), wearing their white Arctic moon boots. Then just as we’re getting back from chow, everybody returns on the bus tired, dirty and covered with snow. We stand in the hallway, waiting for SSG Nolan to release us, while everybody else cleans their weapons. But the fun is soon to end. Tomorrow’s blog entry: Coach moves to a light machine gun! Coach leaves his weapons squad comrades and SSG Nolan! You’ll have to wait for the exciting update.


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