Dufour’s Birthday Party

So yesterday Dufour invited me to his birthday party. It was pretty cool, cause he came to the barracks and invited all the guys he saw. I used to be his old squad leader. Mrs. Dufour had a kid while I was at PLDC. The kid is really cute, it’s a boy and its name is Issac. So me and Tiede and Stirrett drove over there. Dufour asked that I bring my poker chips. I haven’t played poker in a while. I used to play a lot in the barracks, then nobody would play with me. Then I played online and I would make about a hundred bucks a week, until I discovered Warcraft III. There were a lot of people there. Dufour, his wife, Denio, his wife, Dufour’s friend Kitt and his wife, me, Stirrett (I forget if there’s an E at the end of his name), Tiede, SGT Harris, Robbins, Dimiceli, Egan, McFadden, Gifford, Lopez, Kunkel, Atton, Schultz, and probably a couple more that I forgot. We played a no-limit Texas hold-em tournament with a 10 dollar buy in. There were 7 players to start with, Kitt, his wife, Dufour, Denio, Dimiceli, Egan and me. First place was 40, 2nd place was 20, 3rd place got money back. I promised I would take Robbins to the airport at 11 to pick up his girlfriend. But even though we progressively raised the blinds, there were still 3 people left, Kitt, me and Dufour at 11. I was the chip leader until the last hand before 11, when Dufour took a slight lead. So I looked around. Who could play poker, but wasn’t drunk? Very few people I saw fit both categories. Then I spotted Gifford and made a deal with him. I was going to take 10 bucks, cause I was at least third. If he finished second, he would take the other 10. And if he finished first, he’d give me 10 bucks, and he’d take 20, so we’d split it half and half. When I came back I was pleased to hear that he’d won. He had a full house on the flop on the final hand, Kings over threes. It was a good time. I was the designated driver.


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