Lonely Up Here

Damn sometimes I wish I had a girlfriend or something. I live in the barracks, and sometimes I go like 4 days straight without seeing any females not counting the chow hall ladies. I used to go to the bars here, but I didn’t really have any luck meeting girls there. I’m not sure why this is. At Ft. Bragg, there’s way more soldiers, but it seems like it was easier to meet women there. Anchorage is a bigger city too, like 3 times as big as Fayetteville. I was talking to this one girl for a while. I met her online. She is bummed out that I’m going to Iraq, and will be gone for 15 months, so we sort of stopped hanging out. I haven’t even seen her since I got back from PLDC. I thought when I joined the army that I would get tons of chicks, having a regular job and all, but this is not the case.


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